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Planning Futures


We have years of experience helping clients prepare for the future while still meeting their financial goals. We excel in:

  • Understanding Medicare - Social Security Benefits
  • Having Long Term Care protection  w/o the expensive premiums
  • Retirement Planning Analysis and creating Action Plans that work
  • Fixed/Fixed Index Annuities - laddering Income Riders
  • Using Life Insurance for Key Man Insurance and Business Succession Planning

As an independent firm, we can access many different carriers/brokers so you can get the right solutions and services for you.

Comprehensive Approach


We use only the highest rated Insurance carriers and primarily serve clients who have a low risk tolerance, yet desire more diversification in both products and ways to invest for the future.  You can count on unbiased recommendations and impartial guidance based directly on your personal needs and goals, and not some salesperson's monthly sales quota!

Committed to Service


Every successful retirement strategy starts with an excellent client relationship. Our mission and values include helping families find viable options to Sustain, Thrive and Grow their financial resources.  We pride ourselves on exceeding our client’s every expectation. Call today to find out how we can suggest long and short-term strategies that will help you realize your financial dreams.

Why STG Solutions?

S K Golinske

Susan is a graduate of Lawrence Technological University.  Her career has included over 20+ years in various managerial Sales and Marketing positions within a Fortune 500 Company.  She is licensed and certified as a Life Insurance Counselor, which means she is an expert on the provisions/riders found in life, health and retirement annuity contracts, and knows how to maximize these financial products to the specific needs of her clients.  She is also Certified  in the 6 Sigma Quality Methodology.  She uses a comprehensive retirement planning/analysis software for the detailed Financial Analysis, which creates multiple scenarios based on a  client's personal goals/desired timelines.  On a personal note, get to know her a little better........

Who are Susan's Business Partners?

Susan works with several U.S. based Financial and Insurance Marketing Organizations to ensure she always has access to the best training and products for her clients.   Susan has  key relationships with several local experts to serve her and their clients better, i.e., CPA's, Elder Law Attorneys, and Mortgage and Real Estate Professionals.  For example, to assure retirement and tax planning is always part of the conversation, she often is requested to attend annual tax preparation meetings.

What Insurance Carriers is she affiliated with?

Only the ones with the strongest financial ratings, meaning A or A+ in 90% of cases, with names you recognize and can trust!   Being an independent producer assures a large selection of insurance carriers to pick from, and that the product was chosen  based on your specific needs.

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We respect our clients busy schedules, and strive to always meet during the hours that work best for you; we also use technology to minimize the need for multiple meetings, and to streamline processing times.   By submitting your information you will be contacted by a financial professional and may be solicited to purchase life health or an income rider annuity annuity at a future date.

STG Solutions

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Other News

Things to think about......


It is surprising how many people don't really know how much their monthly fixed expenses are.  How can we properly plan for retirement without knowing this number?  Another eye opener is realizing and planning for the fact that the Government is a key partner who will get a percentage of the current dollar amount in your 401-K, SEP or Traditional IRA's.  If taxes go up, so does their percentage - be prepared!

Client Testimonials


"Susan is a true confidant.  We can count on her always going above and beyond when it comes to knowing which products meet our needs."   J Westberry - White Lake, MI

"Susan takes great pride in delivering excellent customer service. "     T. Smith - Shelby Twp, MI

"Susan knows her stuff - and makes the complicated world of understanding annuities very uncomplicated."   C. Vanderson - Tampa, FL

Note:  Testimonials were not solicited for and individuals did not receive any type of compensation.  

What's on my mind?


I love to learn, and I love to educate my clients.  This makes them more confident in their financial decisions, and in recommending me to a family member or friend.  I will often share independent views I agree with on a subject you may find interesting......

Why does Ken Fisher hate annuities?


You have seen the commercials; you have heard many negative things about annuities.   Read what an esteemed PBS speaker thinks, who gives you the "real story" behind Ken Fisher's marketing campaign.    

Find out more

Most Frequently Asked Questions:


Do you charge a fee?  Yes, a flat fee based on work performed.  However, if I also earn a commission if or when we put products in place, the flat fee is often waived/refunded.   

Do you act in the role of fiduciary with your clients?  Yes, as a certified insurance counselor it is my primary responsibility and intention to always act in the best interests of the client first.

How do I know what my current Financial Advisor's fees are, and if they are reasonable?  Great question - Let's chat!

What's the difference between a Medicare Advantage Plan and a Medicare Supplement?  Primary difference is a Supplement plan gives you many more choices - you can choose which doctor, which hospital, and where you want your care to be given at.   I believe Advantage Plans quickly become "disadvantage plans" when you get really sick, and consequently, do not sell or recommend them."